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Wednesday, December 05, 2012


Ross Coe

Someone is going to have to explain the point of this site, to me it explains nothing. The congressional hearing is important and necessary and should receive due respect. This site doesn't do that.


Sure, Mr. Coe, as soon as you answer the question I asked you over a year ago: Do you even know who Roald Dahl was? Or why his daughter, Olivia, lost her voice when she was seven years old? I suggest you find that out. Do tell us how it describes autism, I really want to know.


Mr. Coe, hello to you! Have you left? Why won't you answer my question? Whenever I see you I ask you the same thing, yet for over a year you have not answered. It is not difficult to find out what happened to Mr. Dahl's oldest child. Why do you refuse to not look it up and answer me?

You do not seem shy to respond to others, but you ignore my questions for over a year? Why is that?

Don't be a coward! Tell us exactly why Olivia Dahl lost her voice after her bout with measles. Be strong and tell the truth. Explain to us why it is exactly like being a teenager with autism.

Do it! Do it now!


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Mr. Coe, I see you showed up there, just about when commenting expires there. That is very "brave." Any chance you will ever answer my question?

Melody's Blog

Hi! What do you think what is your common reading audience?


People who know spam when they see it, Melody. Thank you for playing.

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