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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Science Mom

Good on you for trying Liz. IPoVC should be thanking you for correcting the error and relieved that it wasn't Dr. Green who made those fallacious statements. I guess they don't care for their credibility nor accuracy which makes them no better than the side they are trying to counter.

Science Mom

I just read your addendum Liz. IPoVC is paranoid and melodramatic; you were polite and to the point. Nothing you said was in any way an attack on her other philosophies, of which I had no knowledge of until she threw her hissy fit. Some are cut out to do this, others aren't.

Melissa G

WOW, false dichotomy much, IPoVC? Either for her or agin' her, AMIRITE???

I thought your comments to her were completely reasonable, Liz, and not at all attacky. It's sad how some people interpret ANY correction as a personal assault, though. I myself have flounced from an Asperger Women's group on Facebook, because the page owner personally attacked me after I offered her what I thought was a gentle correction on a point she was making about drug treatments for various ASD symptoms. It was not the first time she had made sweeping statements and I just decided I no longer wanted to be associated with that group.

Shining example of both personal awesomeness and coexistence with alternative medicine believers is the case of commenter sablonneuse on Respectful Insolence. She believes in homeopathy, and yet we have been nothing but welcoming to her, because she is willing to listen to reasoned arguments, even when they're not in support of her own positions, AND not interpret reasoned disagreement as a personal attack! My fond hope is that she sticks around and might eventually start to question homeopathy. It's what I did, myself-- not with homeopathy, but with other unscientific beliefs. My dad was a professional astrologer, and I feel this experience of mine might be analogous to her situation, having grown up in Boiron's metaphorical back yard.

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