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Saturday, September 07, 2013


herr doktor bimler

do let CBS know you appreciated the story!

Does she not appreciate the irony in trying to generate a wave of messages to CBS?

Lara Lohne

The only time I saw, crank, nutty, crazy, lies pseudo or petition drives is her. She has a very high opinion of herself, and she isn't deserving of it. It's just another anti-vaccinationist calling everyone who isn't with her a shill. But with 'fancier' words. I hadn't ever heard of astroturfing, until now. I find it interesting that she accuses those who are critical of her 'work' of doing the same things her cronies at AOA and other anti-vaccine/anti-autism organizations do.


Let me get this straight; if one disagrees with someone else, one is Astroturf? Or stupid? Hmmm. I think someone never took scientific grad studies, critical thinking, or philosophy--all subjects where spirited debate are taught and appreciated.

herr doktor bimler

they want stories censored entirely
Anyone would think that CBS are *obliged* to host Wakefield's advertorial because Attkisson has given it her imprimatur, and that it would be "censorship" if they failed to do so.

Any investigative journalist runs the risk of being captured by her sources. It's an occupational hazard. But Attkisson has not only been captured by the anti-vax lobby, she's exhibiting full-on Stockholm Syndrome.


This is especially bizarre because my post puts her effort in a global perspective, it doesn't single her out. Plus I probably have a different approach and argument to most others writing on this.

It's reprehensible that US journalists still take Wakefield seriously. I doubt think any here in UK do, thank g*d.

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