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Friday, January 10, 2014


LIz Ditz

Part of a comment posted in a number of Facebook venues:

Grow up, Facebook.....

This is not acceptable behavior....

... Enough is enough. Public mockery has a long and honorable history. Kings fell when playwrights took aim at them. Politicians have long understood the price of elective office was always purchased with a thick hide. By refusing to allow us this right, by refusing to honor the long history of mockery in the public square, Facebook debases us all.

If a company is going to assume the responsibilities of the public square, it must uphold the right of mockery in that same space. It is a dark day for all of us when the people in charge of this company refuse the mantle the public has placed on them.

Michael Simpson

It's back. With nasty messages for admins.

Allison Hagood

I appear to be still banned.

Stephen Levine,MD

This behavior by Facebook is simply unacceptable.

Allison Hagood

Update as of Jan. 13, 5:19 p.m. MST - I am unbanned. Lance, Michael, and Michelle are also unbanned. I'm trying to ascertain Scott's status.

Allison Hagood

Scott has been unbanned.

Rose Byrne

Frankly until there is a competitive social site that can counter Facebook you should expect the same in the future. This is what happens when either side has a monopoly. Monopolies are fun until you are in the minority, or try to operate where your view is unpopular with the host..

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