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Saturday, April 05, 2014


Chris Robison

You underestimate the damage vaccines have caused, why is that? The 2 billion quietly paid out is the tip of the iceberg. You try to wipe away the work of 1000's of scientists, the testimonials of 1000's of heartbroken parents, and the fact that the public has been kept in the dark about the dangers of vaccines.. Have you talked to anyone who has had their perfectly healthy child regress into autism or die within hours of their shots? I hope you will some day.. Studies show unvaccinated kids are much healthier than vaccinated, that the recent outbreaks are primarily among vaccinated people, and that people all over the world are deciding to avoid vaccines and are raising healthier kids as a result... 1.000 studi scientifici sui danni dei Vaccini - 1 -

Chris Robison

Will Liz Ditz soon write an article entitled, "Oh NO! the US paid out 2 Trillion dollars in Vaccine Compensation Payouts!"?? It's estimated that as low as one or two percent with no more than 10% of vaccine adverse reactions are reported. Although doctors are legally obliged to report adverse vaccine reactions to VAERS, most don't. The FDA admits that probably 90% of doctors simply don't report adverse vaccine reactions. Yet even with this denial and resistance, up to 20,000 adverse vaccine reactions are reported annually.


Chris Robison: "You underestimate the damage vaccines have caused, why is that? The 2 billion quietly paid out is the tip of the iceberg."

Okay, so there have been about 3540 compensated claims since 1988, many of them table injury awards where the only "proof" is the timing of the symptoms to when the vaccine was given.

Now let's look at those numbers:

There are approximately four million children born in the USA each year, which means that those 3500 claims are out of over a hundred million children. If just 80% were fully vaccinated their first year with eighteen jabs, that is about 1.5 billion vaccine doses over the last 26 years. How big is 3500 compared to 1500000000? Can you do basic arithmetic?

Now can you come up with what the risk is from the diseases? What would happen if measles and Hib returned in full force?

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