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Sunday, April 27, 2014


LIz Ditz

As she began translating her father’s words, she quickly discovered that these were stories she had never heard before, stories he hadn’t told her when he was sick with cancer. They were stories about the early months of Birkenau’s existence, when Isaia and his fellow prisoners built the very barracks and fences and ditches and latrines that she would later encounter during her own time in the camp in late 1944. They were stories about his involvement in the Auschwitz underground. They were riveting, terrifying stories, told in gruesome detail, about the unbearable torture and beatings he endured and the numerous times when death seemed certain.

My Great-Grandfather's Holocaust memoir

LIz Ditz

"Although more than half a century passed since the greatest atrocity humankind has experienced in the 20th century, Jews are still the target of hate crimes involved with physical violence which ends with their death."

"We call upon all those who cherish human life and rights to put an end to hate and violence against Jews worldwide. Let's prevent history from repeating itself."

LIz Ditz

"I remember my mother sitting reading a letter one evening and weeping as my father held and comforted her. It was bad news from Prague: my mother’s family was in danger from the Germans or had already been taken to a camp. Her large family spent some time in Terezin before all finishing in Auschwitz."

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