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Wednesday, August 27, 2014



Do you want to read something scary? Really, really, really and truly horrifyingly scary?

Read this post - which is written by a mom with graduate degree who works with brain-injured kids, who has is smart, capable of research and rational thought and yet decides against vaccinating her kid:

This is somebody who should know better, but doesn't.

Someone who has access to pretty much any kind of research her little heart desires, who works in a HOSPITAL with DOCTORS and RESEARCHERS and yet somehow decides to not vaccinate her kids.

(So scary, so very very very that people who should know better don't. The author of that blog is now officially scarier than the art history grad student I hired to be my field assistant -- I'm a geologist/archeologist -- on a dig at a newly-discovered part of a pyramid in Egypt 15 years ago. Who turned out to be a literal creationist. The "God created the earth on a Tuesday precisely 6,452 years ago" kind. Twelve weeks excavating stuff older than that , carbon dating stuff older than that, well, didn't change her mind. She had God on her side).


Read this analysis of the statement by an epidemiologist


Carlee, scary anecdotes do not supersede epidemiological evidence even your appeal to authority (especially with the hard to read centered text). Also, the DTaP is not the same as the MMR.

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