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Friday, March 11, 2016


Melissa Kane

I find it highly amusing that Heather is taking such care to not use the F word as though she cares about LGBT rights. In this Expose she calls me bi-sexual as though it is a bad thing.
I also find it highly amusing that she is using the word "libel" since she also accuses me of being an alcoholic.
I am disabled. I have had 11 surgeries in 5 years. Including having both my hips replaced, one knee, and my right foot completely reconstructed. Twice. I was bedridden for 10 months, and am currently again, as I wait for 2 more surgeries in 11 days. I am quite sure if I was indeed an alcoholic my medical records would reflect that, and I would not be a candidate for any of these surgeries. Libel is exactly cthe word my lawyer!bullshit-in-the-news/ci8

Allison Hagood

I have dozens of screenshots in which Ms. Murray uses transphobic, homophobic, sexist, racist, ableist, and/or anti-Semitic insults. Her claims of innnocence and her disingenuous "refusal" to use the f-word are transparently false.

Michael Simpson

Heather is a sad pathetic old man who thinks in the same vein as the Nazi saluting supporters of Donald Trump.

It's hard to take someone seriously who lacks access to Webster's Dictionary. Meh.

Melissa Kane

@ Stacy Herlihy:
Calling men she does not know pedophiles is a go to insult for Ms. Murray. Much like fat shaming is her go to insult for women she does not know. The difference is one is most certainly libel. She called my husband a pedophile because of a gesture he was making in a picture. The gesture was actually an 👌(OK) sign. How this translates in Ms. Murray's mind as something dirty is something I don't think anyone can wrap their minds around. She also insinuated that CPS should be notified that I once had a loving, monogamous, 2yr relationship with a woman, and I have daughters, so apparently that makes me a threat to their safety.
I truly hope you and your husband contact a lawyer. Ms. Murray's fascination with other people's children, and her complete lack of boundaries when it comes to stealing their pictures, attempting to contact them, and hunting down their schools and contacting them as well, definitely needs to be addressed by the authorities.
Good luck to you and your family.

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