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Saturday, April 09, 2016


herr doktor bimler

Not so much a whistle-blower as a rusty trombonist.

Doug Copp

edited because I do not allow this kind of plain-text language here
Lizditz is a f^cking stupid crack wh0re who has got nothing better to do than waste everyone's time with her disgusting lies!

Go to to see what I'm talking about!

Doug Copp

Lizditz is a total phoney don't listen to anything she says or writes!

Go to


These are the posts that are arousing Mr. Copp's ire. Judge for yourself.

Doug Copp

edited, because I do not allow this kind of plain-text language here. Otherwise I think Mr. Copp's comments speak for themselves. Lizditz is too busy sucking Thompson Langs d!ck to realize all the harm she is causing. EVERYDAY children are dying because she chooses to destroy my name and prevent me from saving their lives. I'm being attacked for wanting to save lives because the insurance companies lose money everytime someone survives an earthquake. Liz you're an evil person and god is very disappointed in you and is sending you to hell for your crimes against humanity and for being a wh0re!

Go to to see for yourself that everything she wrote about me is a complete lie!

Doug Copp

Hey Liz, I found a picture of you!

Edited. Mr. Copp posted a link to a still image of four men and one woman, all Caucasian, engaged in various sexual acts.

Doug Copp

I have never been accused of sexual abuse of a person of any age. I have never been charged or convicted of any sexual crime. This is libel, and I have consulted an attorney. Upon advice, I am letting this claim remain published.

Liz Ditz is a disgusting, perverted child molester! Don't take anything she writes seriously. She should be in prison.

Go to to see the whole story on Liz.


Mr. Copp's comments have devolved to the point of posting links to images of explicit sexual acts. I have deleted those links, and will be now turning off comments. Readers are free to follow Mr. Copp's previous links, and free to form their own opinions.

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