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Saturday, April 30, 2016



Wow! My husband would like it. I would like the veggie version.

I am over pizza precisely because I don't like the tomato sauce and lots of meats.

Thirty years ago dear hubby gave me a pizza stone, pizza peel and a pizza cookbook. I have become fairly good at rolling out thin pizza dough. So we have once or twice a year our family has personal pizza nights, where I roll out the dough and then you get to put what you want on it. I then put it in a hot oven stone and it is done in about six minutes.

Hubby covers his with tomato sauce, cheese, meat, olives, etc. Oldest does sauce and salad (vegetarian). Middle does sauce, cheese and pepperoni. Youngest does olive oil, three kinds of cheeses, garlic and basil. I do variations of the youngest, sometimes with sage and prosciutto.

The last one is a version of a browned butter sage pasta I do:

Though I also add peas and sliced prosciutto (or speck or Serrano ham), it is from the The Herbfarm Cookbook by Jerry Traunfeld. One advantage to having a nice sage shrub near the kitchen.


Oh, deer. I just read what you did yesterday. I hope this casserole helped you recover. ;-)

Doug Copp

Edited to alter language I don't allow in commentes
Don't try this casserole, it tastes like sh!t!!!

Go to and f^ck you Liz!!!

Doug Copp

Mr. Copp posted a link to a pornographic image. I have removed the link

Liz Ditz

Ooooh browned butter sage pasta Chris thanks!

Doug Copp

edited for language Liz is a stupid fucking b!tch and the only thing she's good for is s^cking Thompson Lang's c$ck.

Liz Ditz

OK, that's it. Blocked Mr. Copp. It takes a lot for me to block people.


What a troubled sad man. Liz, I am so sorry you have to endure that.

Allison Hagood

Goodness, Mr. Copp appears to be...not well.

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