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Saturday, April 02, 2016


Doug Copp

Liz Ditz and her pimp, Thompson Lang, are pure evil and don't care about anything other than money, fame and watching children die. Both of them are known for fabricating lies about people they are jealous of even if the well being of others is jeopardized. They both know that they'll never be as important to society as me so they choose to spread hateful lies about my lifes work, The Triangle of Life. Don't trust anything that they write! They should be locked up in prison for what they do!

Go to to see the real story behind Doug Copp and how he was, and is still recieving brutally, harsh treatment for selflessly rescuing lives.

Doug Copp

Mr. Copp's comment Here is a picture of Liz and Mr.Lang

The deleted link goes to an image of a Caucasian woman engaging in oral sex with a Caucasian man.

It is up to the reader to decide if that is an appropriate comment to this post.

Doug Copp

Editorial comment: Other than my monthly premium payments from me to various insurance firms, I have not relationship with the insurance industry whatsoever.

Mr. Copp's comment

Liz Ditz is almost as evil as Hitler. She knowingly allows children to die so insurance companies will pay her money for covering up The Triangle of Life. F^CK YOU LIZ B!TCH!!!!

Go to

Doug Copp

I have never been accused of sexual abuse of a person of any age. I have never been charged or convicted of any sexual crime. This is libel, and I have consulted an attorney. Upon advice, I am letting this claim remain published.

Liz Ditz represents the worst that society has to ofder. She has never done a nice thing for anybody and will do anything, no matter how much harm it causes to others, for money and traffic to her website. I would feel sorry for her if she wasn't ruining so many peoples lives.

Liz also is a known child molester and is working in a school for young girls looking for children to exploit.

Go to to see the full story on Liz. It just goes to show that there is no limit to how low people will stoop to get what they want.

Doug Copp

Here is a picture of Liz

Edited: Mr. Copp published a link to an animated still image of four Caucasian people engaging in various sex acts.

Doug Copp


For 6 years Liz Ditz, owner of I speak of dreams, knowingly and willingly published horrible and painful lies, on her website, to destroy the ability of our rescue team, to save lives. She, also, fabricated and/or ‘made up’ her own lies to destroy our team. According to her website, she did this in league with Thompson Lang and his assistant Leslie Linthicum whom she describes as her friends.

Thompson Lang is the despicable villain described in the California newspaper expose and other blog docs. He is a sociopath of the worst kind. Leslie Linthicum is similar to similar to Liz Ditz, in character and makes me conclude that there can be friends, in ‘Hell’.
Let me be very clear: Liz Ditz is a liar, and a person who is so devoid of decency as to lie about matters which cause children’s lives to be put in danger. She did this to draw traffic to her website. She was successful in getting this money and audience, at the expenses of our volunteer rescue team’s ability to save lives. Her selfish obsession with money and attention, ‘at any cost’, is NOT acceptable to decent people. There should be Internet laws that would put someone like Liz Ditz, in prison. Her website is full of wild crazy rants and bouts of hatred. She is like the ‘little man hiding behind the curtain with a giant megaphone, in the Wizard of OZ. Her actions would be pathetic if they hadn’t caused the loss of so much life and undo suffering of so many innocent victims.
It has taken 6 years of brutal abuse, via her vitriolic and hateful Internet rants for us to be able to ‘track her down’. She successfully hid behind her computer. She is not only one of these ‘creatures’ who use the Internet with impunity to destroy the lives of people with their hatred. She is a bold faced liar of the worst kind. Based upon her 6 years of harm to our rescue team; I believe that Liz Ditz would do anything for money and attention.Now that we have ‘tracked her down’ we consider it to be our duty, as decent people, to expose her nefarious activities to the ‘light of day’.We found her phone number and can you imagine that she is on the Board of Directors of a Private Girl’s School. Absolutely stunning!
It is truly a disgrace that their institution is associated with such a person.

Doug Copp

I'm Doug Copp, the most experience rescue expert in the world. I personally have saved millions of lives with The Triangle of Life. This "person" Liz Ditz and her master, Thompson Lang are threatening me and trying to destroy my lifes work by calling me a fraud. Everything they wrote about me is completely untrue. I have sustained life threatening injuries from my selfless rescue work at ground zero. These "people" are angry and are jealous of me so instead of trying to help others, they choose to attack me. I am too sick nd do not have enough money to even fight a legal battle against them. It is absolutely disgusting how they treat people.

Just go to to see the truth about me, Liz and The Triangle of Life.

Doug Copp

I found another pucture of Liz and Thompson Lang

edited. Mr. Copp's link went to a photograph of an erect penis and a woman's mouth, post-ejaculation

Doug Copp

Another picture of Liz Ditz

edited. Mr. Copp linked to an image of several Caucasian people, men and women, engaging in various sexual acts.

Doug Copp

I have never been accused of sexual abuse of a person of any age. I have never been charged or convicted of any sexual crime. This is libel, and I have consulted an attorney. Upon advice, I am letting this claim remain published.



Love how Mr. Copp has posted a truckload of comments with no other argument than "She's a liar" (and other insults). (whereas LD's articles cite numerous sources)
Also curious as to why you choose to comment on an article which isn't about you at all, rather than the 4 2004 articles and the 2010 articles I found about you here. (which suddenly amounts to you to 6 years of harassement)

Liz Ditz

Appreciate the comment, LouV


would you consider posting the POSITIVE reviews first?

or at least alternate them?



If you don't like the way it is done on this blog, then go do it the way you want on your blog. Just don't tell other bloggers what and how they should write.

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