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Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Matt Carey

Here are my thoughts on this.

First off, I really wish she hadn't gone to Merck. It may not be wrong, but it looks bad (as demonstrated by how Wakefield et al. exploit it).

That said, she was a political appointee. The director of CDC is appointed by the president and stays at the president's pleasure. Obama put someone else in place so she left.

CDC is something like a $9B enterprise and she did major efforts restructuring it. The question wasn't that she would find high paying job outside CDC, but where. It's just not surprising.

But, here's the point Justin and others ignore in their rush to be shocked. Let's consider the team that worked on the De Stefano 2004 paper. The one that Wakefield would have us believe is the tip of the iceberg of CDC corruption.

Who was on that study?

Frank DeStefano. He's a director at CDC. Office of infectious diseases.

TK Bhasin. Was at CDC until at least 2008. Not sure where now.

William Thompson. Still at CDC.

Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsop. Still at CDC. National Center for Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities. I.e. basically in the same place.

Colleen Boyle. Director at National Center for Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities. Basically same place as when the study was ongoing.

So, about that revolving door? About the big pharma payoffs? Gerberding supposedly got it, but the people actually doing the "fraud" decided to stay in government service?

Justin needs to spend a little more time thinking before getting all upset.

Matt Carey

Thanks for noting that Wakefield got a high paying job at Thoughtful House.

After being let go from Thoughtful House, Wakefield started a charity. The "Strategic Autism Initiative". Wakefield continued to pay himself at a rate of about $270k/year, out of the money donated to the charity. He pro-rated it to number of hours claimed to be worked on the SAI.

Wakefield took as compensation half of what the SAI took in. Donate a dollar to SAI, and 50c of that went straight to Wakefield.

What did SAI accomplish?


Over $300K went to paying Wakefield and no research was produced that I can see.

Justin is so biased in favor of Wakefield he just brushed that off.

But, Oh.My.God! A political appointee got a high paying industry job after being let go!!!

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