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Saturday, June 04, 2016



I tried to post refutations to each of the articles individually, but my post is still "awaiting moderation" on her site.

Liz Ditz

Hayley, MAM does not want to hear that she is wrong... which is why I posted this article here.

Did you have any other critiques of the articles? Did I miss anything?

Liz Ditz

And here is a local news article about young Marco Arturo


So, not only is he a cute kid, he is very bright!

Some folks have a very strange definition of "bullying." I have been bullied, one time to the point where I ran into my older brother's car, locked the door and cowered on floor in the backseat. Anyone claiming this young man is a "bully" should be ashamed of themselves.

Smut Clyde

The GACVS reviewed 2 published papers alleging that aluminium in vaccines is associated with autism spectrum disorders and the evidence generated from quantitative risk assessment by a US FDA pharmacokinetic model of aluminium-containing vaccines.

You are forgetting that in antivax circles it recently became an article of faith that the GACVS is an organisation singlemindedly devoted to COVERING UP THE TRUTH. From their perspective, any criticism of Tomljenovic-Shaw quackery coming from the GACVS is really an acknowledgement of those authors' reliability.

francis chege

thank you for sharing this insights am more enlightened

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