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Sunday, June 05, 2016


David Andrews

What in the name of hell is wrong with this woman that she has to do THIS crap to a bloody 12 year old kid? How messed up must your head be to feel the need or desire to act in this way toward someone that young?

There's clearly a psychopathology involved. Unless she's just naturally an unspeakably shitty person.

Adelaide Dupont

Thank you for exposing Quackenboss.

I had only read the 2nd June post.

Really great to see the Mexicans and their STEM work. [and indeed a lot of Central and South America up to and including the Caribbean].

Would doxxing not work as well because of the bureaucratic holdups and lack of access to information? Doxxing, for me, is a very First World privilege [and natural and human disasters get in the way - for example in a lot of Central Europe at the moment, the rivers are flooding, as in the east coast of Australia].

Frau Heather

Allow me to expose Liz the lying Ditz!!!

Liz and her cohorts NEVER doxx people, Oh wait yes they do. And if you'd like to see first hand how NASTY and VILE they can be go to

Or go directly to the DOXXING page where you can see countless examples of they themselves doing it.!doxxing/c16st

Lauren Edwards

Did the Frau get released from her padded cell? On another boxed wine fueled rage attack?

Liz Ditz

Lauren, thanks for the comment, but I do not appreciate disparaging comments such as yours about mental illness. Shaming other people's anti-social behavior, ok; shaming the mentally ill with remarks by "padded cell", not ok.

Liz Ditz

Frau Heather is the woman who has been relentlessly harassing Allison Hagood. If you go to her page above, you will see that no doxing (or doxxing) has occurred.

Professor Hagood merely announces that she has the real names, addresses, and other information about her harassers. Does she make them public? NO she does not. Does she make them public and incite others to harass these misguided individuals? No, she does not.

That's not doxing.

And nasty and vile? Nope, not that either.

Allison Hagood

It continues to amuse me that Ms. Murray and her fellow harassers post endless repetitive screenshots of things that do not say what they claim. The lack of self-awareness is a fascinating case study.

Adelaide Dupont

I did go to that page. On the 8th.

And I read all the Hagood High School pages.

Hagood: I agree!

Lauren Edwards

My apologies, Liz, I was out of line. I'm not overly fond of the Frau as I've had my go rounds with her.

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