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Tuesday, June 07, 2016


Adelaide Dupont

Thank you for that picture, Liz.

It's said that we have to see a thing 15-30 times before it sticks in a written document.

I think the people who read "What Brock Turner did wrong" will never forget he is a RAPIST

or as a Twitter feed I trust said: "He is a criminal who used to swim".

Liz Ditz

The hometown newspaper:

"While Judge Persky is regarded as fair and thoughtful in county legal circles and should not be vilified for his bad judgment in this case, he is accountable to the voters for betraying the values of our community. We support efforts to remove him from office. He wrongly showed greater mercy for Turner than for the victim of the serious felonies the jury found Turner committed, and in doing so sent a terrible message about the legal consequences of sexual assault committed by a privileged young person attending an elite school, even when caught in the act."

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