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Thursday, December 07, 2006



I went to ivy ridge in 2005 on halloween my mother sent me there, from what i saw on the website the night before they took me in my sleep it looked like a nice school and a great learning environment for me. when i got there they put a old nasty pee stained matress on the floor and gave me a small blanket to use it was very cold that night and i got in at 3:00 am. i couldnt sleep at all i was terribly scared, 5:30 am came and they woke me up by yelling in my ear like i was in boot camp or something, so i got up and pushed the staff member into they cement wall and about 10 staff came running at me tackled me to the floor in my boxers, held my neck back and twisted my arms my arms were hurting for about 2 weeks. so they got me into the computer schooling bullshit and they gave me 5th grade classes (i was 12) when i went there. the schooling made no sence and i remember the graduating kids actually being excited about getting diplomas and finally leaving the so called "school". So it was christmas day, parents sent candy to their kids. they made us sit in a small crowded room and watch the history channel for about 12 hours and if you stood up they sent you to study hall. well i stood up to ask if i could use the restroom and they sent me to studyhall for 2 hours and took my candy and threw it in the trash, along with the card my mom sent me. i was crying for those 2 hours and wasso close to beating the shit out of the study hall guy Mr.Mcmahon i think was his name, huge fat guy who likes making fun of all of the kids. okay about 2 weeks after christmas it was below 0 degrees outside i was in study hall and they told me if i dont write sheets they are gonna make me take my shirt off and open the windows and make me sit face towards the window, my hand got tired after 10 minutes of writing the same sentences over and over and i dropped the clipboard and sat back and tried to relax for a minute. then thestaff grabbed me ripped my shirt off and opened the window (windows there have metal wiring on them) well anyways i has snow blowing in my face no shirt on, freezing cold my whle body turned red, so i got up and got in the guys face and he said "hit me i dare you" so i pulled back my hand made and fist and drilled him right in his nose he pressed the button right on the walkie talkign and once again "ALPHA StAff came running into the room and literally slammed me into the wall threw me on the ground and pulled my head back and twisted my arms for the second time. Ofcourse i struggled and tryed kicking but they were holding my legs down giving me all kinds of pressure points and put me in a sleeper hold and cut me from breathing i woke up on the stupid small piss stained matress in the hallway with no pillow no sheets and i had a broken finger which they wrapped up. Finally it was about the end of winter and i got sent to a room called intervention and i was in there for 3 days straight, slept in there, ate the shitty food in there and had to go to the bathroom in there, could'nt ever leave until i wrote 2000 word essay on why i was in there and what i will do to not get back in there. I never wrote any essay in there. so they just let me out and told me 3 days isnt long enough but your only 12 so well let you out. so later that night my dorm parent started making fun of me and pushed me into the wall and said "WOOPS I TRIPPED"! like a fat piece of shit he is, so i went to the nurse and said please help me get out of this place...PLEAASE! she said if i could i would but its not my choice sweetie, all i said was well thanks for being honest with me. so sunday came that was the only day you get to write to your guardian. i told my mom everything that has happened since ive been in that so called "school" and monday i got a letter back saying "don't worry honey ill come get you soon" so the next morning i woke up to a fight in the room next to me and it was one of the kids i made friends with so i jumped out of my bed ran into that room and tripped the other kid onto his back and starting beating his face in with my fists, and i got restrained by the staff again. i woke up in intervention and about 6 hours into being in there jason finlinson came over to me and brung me to a conference room and my mom was sitting on a couch in there talking to my family representative, and my mom said Michael Were getting you the fuck out of this bullshit and the family rep said "please dont call out school bullshit" and my mom said all this place did to my son is get him abused by assholes. so they threw all my stuff into a huge see through bag and this kid Mike helped my Bag to the limo out front and told me to keep things positive in my life, i got into the limo and my mom asked if im thirsty and i said whats there to drink? she said some soda and chips if you want, I said SODA!!! i tasted it and my eyes lit up in satisfaction. we stopped at burger king or something on the way to the airport for the flight back to new jersey and i havnt eaten so well in 4 months i tols my mom, and she said dont worry honey im getting my money back. and suing them for child abuse. and my mom got all her money back and also got 100,000 out of suing them. i didnt care about money all i cared about is that i was going home. - Thats my story about my journey at Ivy Ridge. - Michael Thompson

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